For Schools

As educators, school administrators and support staff, you understand better than most the impact of lack of attendance on a child’s education level, psychological well being and overall feelings of inclusion and happiness.

Catch the Clouds aims to support children and their families who are living with chronic or life-threatening diseases by providing free, high-quality tutoring designed to keep up them up with their peers and schoolwork.

The role of schools is integral to the success of our charitable organization for various reasons:

1) the ability to identify children in their community who might benefit from our services;

2) the support of our tutors who are working with students who attend their school, by providing them with assistance and current school work.


3) the support of staff and visiting trainee teachers who might wish to join our group of committed volunteers.

If you have a student that you think could benefit from Catch the Cloud’s program, then please contact us today.

If you are a teacher who would like to help us offer our program, please get in touch to learn how you could be part of a rewarding, impactful and important charitable movement.