About Us

A large number of children in Australia are fighting short and long-term health battles which dramatically change the face of their childhood.

Every day many children are being faced with the reality of living with a serious medical condition that requires ongoing and constant treatment. They often miss out on having a normal childhood and education.

“I started Catch the Clouds because I believe that there are many retired teachers who have valuable teaching skills that can really make a significant difference to a seriously ill child’s life.” Janine Rogers Program Director

Education, learning and generally keeping up with one’s peers is often important developmentally and emotionally for a child with serious health problems. They often miss a lot of school which greatly impacts their learning.

We want to help by forming a network of committed teaching volunteers who would support these children with their education.
Catch the Clouds is a totally not for profit program and receives no Government funding.

For information on how you can help please go to our Volunteer page.